VIDEO: Jub Jub blames his break up with Amanda Dupont on Kelly Khumalo's muthi on Podcast and Chill With MacG

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Jub Jub has indirectly and directly blamed his break up with the beautiful actress, Amanda Du Pont, on Kelly’s muthi. (Read More Here).

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Muthi is the twin sister or brother of Nigeria’s Kayanmata. A native charm used in pinning men down (snatching). The same way Nigerian women use Kayanmata on their men, is the same way South African women use muthi on their men and vice versa. 

While speaking on Podcast and Chill With MacG, MacG, asked Jub Jub if he broke up with Amanda Dupont because of Kelly Khumalo. 

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Briefly addressing the question, Jub Jub, says he wanted a “hit and run” with Kelly Khumalo, but unfortunately, she used muthi on him. He added by saying that everyone knows Kelly uses muthi (especially on men). 
Jub Jub also revealed that Kelly Khumalo isn’t letting him see his son (their son). According to Jub, he says he tried getting a gift for his son when he was was still in prison. 

He played an unread voice note he sent to Kelly Khumalo about him wanting to see his son. Jub Jub looked extremely sad when talking about his son. 

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“When you look at me, you got Amanda Du Pont and you put Kelly. 
The equation wasn’t adding up. There isn’t a way I would have gone for Kelly over Amanda.”
Video below:

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Source: New feed

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