"Jub Jub is rotten like his mother, Mama Jackie" – Mzansi react after Amanda Dupont exposed the evil deeds of Jub Jub and his jailed mother, Mama Jackie

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African fake orphanage home owner, Mama Jackie, is currently trending on Twitter in South Africa after Amanda Dupont’s statement about her and her son, Jub Jub, began to go viral. (Read More Here).

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Taking to her Instagram page a few hours ago, Amanda Dupont, revealed that Jub Jub didn’t smash her, but raped her when she was still a virgin. She says Jub Jub kept raping her for two years. 

Continuing, Amanda, says she couldn’t report the rape case to the police at first because she was so afraid of Jub Jub’s mother, Mama Jackie. 

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She says: “I’m afraid of the power your mother had.” After her statement on Instagram, fans began to dig to find out who Jub Jub’s mother is. 

Finally, they found out about her. In March 2016, Mama Jackie got sentenced to jail for 12 years for illegal selling of two orphans to a couple at Mpumalanga. Ramohlola (Mama Jackie) had been running an unregistered childcare centre in Diepkloof Soweto.

Also, in her statement, Amanda Dupont, pointed at the fact that Mama Jackie once scammed Famous American TV host, Winfrey Oprah, who donated $1M to Mama Jackie’s orphanage home. 

Judge Mahomed Ismail sentenced Mama Jackie to 12 years imprisonment with a 5 years suspension.

Amanda says: “The stifling and sifting of money mama Jackie was doing with Oprah?” 

After Amanda’s statement, South Africans rushed to their social media platforms to react. South Africans started saying that Jub Jub got his horrible character from his mother, Mama Jackie. 
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Reactions from South Africans below:.

From what Amanda Du pont said ,sounds like Jub Jub and his mother Mama Jackie are evil.

Bonginkosi M
Someone said Jub Jub is no different from his mom “Mama Jackie” and I now see it.

Mama Jackie really created this monster. Jubjub has never been an accountable person, his mother has always cleaned up his mess. I don’t think he’ll ever change, o bodile just like mmagwe! 
It’s never his fault and that’s damn disgusting!

V-For Vendetta
Jub-Jub should’ve just shut up and remained ngwana sgebenga in silence,now even those that didn’t know sebayaz ukuthi ukhuliswe wu Jeffrey Epstein aka Mama Jackie.

Imagine how many more girls and women Jub Jub and Mama Jackie abused at that school/orphanage.
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Jub Jub went to the MacG’s show with confidence saying his going to expose our files as celebs then it backfires and now people are releasing his files which includes his mother Mama Jackie , lesson number1 as celebs we must learn to keep quiet and focus on our Jobs!
Jub Jub is rotten like his mother Mama Jackie. That woman is the main root to why Jub Jub is the way he is. Never taught his son to take any accountability for anything.

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