FULL VOICE NOTE: "Amanda was expecting twins for Jub Jub" – Mama Jackie says as she defends and reacts to her son raping Amanda Dupont, Masechaba Khumalo Ndlovu and his cousin

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Mama Jackie has released a voice note in which she quite defended her son, Jub Jub, who recently got accused of rape. (Read More Here).

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The rape accusations began to rise after he publicly said on “Podcast and Chill With MacG”, that he smashed Amanda Du Pont and wanted a “hit and run” with Kelly Khumalo. 

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In the leaked audio recording of Mama Jackie, she says if truly Amanda was raped for two years by her Jub Jub, why didn’t she involve her family members, so that the case could have been reported to the police. 

Secondly, she says that if truly Amanda was raped, why did she have to call her to inform her that she was expecting “twins” for her son, Jub Jub. 

Mama Jackie told Amanda to stop judging her or anyone else with their past, because she also has “skeletons in her cupboard.” 

Lastly, Mama Jackie, addressed the aspect where Masechaba Khumalo Ndlovu, said she was raped by Jub Jub at his mother’s house. Mama Jackie said that she wants to see Masechaba and would show her the pictures of her house to be sure she was truly raped there. 

Mama Jackie said that no one from her family has come forward to say that Jub Jub had raped his cousin. Recall that in Amanda’s statement on Instagram, she confirmed having an abortion after finding out she was pregnant and didn’t want such children because of the way they came. 

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In March 2016, Mama Jackie got sentenced to jail for 12 years for illegal selling of two orphans to a couple at Mpumalanga. Ramohlola (Mama Jackie) had been running an unregistered childcare centre in Diepkloof Soweto.

Also, in her statement, Amanda Dupont, pointed at the fact that Mama Jackie once scammed Famous American TV host, Winfrey Oprah, who donated $1M to Mama Jackie’s orphanage home. 

Judge Mahomed Ismail sentenced Mama Jackie to 12 years imprisonment with a 5 years suspension.

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Continuing, Amanda, says she couldn’t report the rape case to the police at first because she was so afraid of Jub Jub’s mother, Mama Jackie. 

She says: “I’m afraid of the power your mother had.” After her statement on Instagram, fans began to dig to find out who Jub Jub’s mother is.
Video below:

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