Court sentences "Suitcase murderer", Alutha Pasile, to 25 years imprisonment over the killing of his girlfriend and final year university student of Fort Hare, Nosicelo Mtebeni

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that “Suitcase murderer”, Alutha Pasile, has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for the killing and dismembering of his girlfriend’s, Nosicelo Mtebeni’s body parts. (Read More Here).

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Recall that in August, it was reported that a suitcase containing the body parts of Nosicelo Mtebeni was found on a pavement in East London Quigney Suburb. 

The suitcase was found by the residents in the area. Mtebeni’s head and hands were found in Pasile’s possession inside room five of a 10-bedroom commune house the pair shared with other tenants. 

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Alutha Pasile got arrested on August 19, 2021 and got charged to court for murder. Today, Alutha Pasile, appeared at the East London High Court, were he was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for the killing of his girlfriend. 

Judge Thami Beshe gave Pasile 25 years for murder and 10 years for defeating ends of Justice. Sentences to run concurrently. 

Nosicelo Mtebeni was a beautiful final year student of Fort Hare University, where she was studying Law. She was only 23 before being murdered. 

At the court today, a shocking message was found on Nosicelo Mtebeni’s phone, which reads: “I love you” and “I miss you.” According to information, Alutha Pasile, killed Nosicelo Mtebeni, based on the fact that he believed she was cheating on him after seeing the message. 

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Still at the court, it was reported that the message was actually sent to Nosicelo Mtebeni by Alutha Pasile. Mtebeni, who studied at the University of Fort Hare’s East London campus, had just arrived from her hometown, Matatiele, the day before the fatal confrontation. 

On Monday, a letter by Pasile apologising to the Mtebeni family was read out in court. Mtebeni was a fourth-year law student at University of Fort Hare when she was murdered. Her family has since rejected Pasile’s apology.

“I doubt his remorse because of the time he took to take responsibility for the offence. Taking responsibility is a continuum; it’s not a yes or no answer. You need to feel the pain, the damage that you have caused on the other end. So with him, he took time because he disposed of the body and left the head and the arms, with the hope of continuing with the same offence. Now I am wondering what? Where did the remorse come now?” Stamper elaborates.

After it was announced that he had been sentenced to 25 years, Mzansi took to social media to react. A lot of South Africans are disappointed at the fact that Alutha Pasile was only given a jail term of 25 years. 

South Africans’ reactions:

You got to be kidding a brutal murder like this and he gets 25years what message are we sending to our citizens…

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Carlo Naidoo – 
They gave him 25 years because he confessed and struck a deal with the lawyers. It happened with my wife’s niece’s murder accused too. We have a f’d up justice system. He might get out in 7 years. That’s the situation we are facing right now..imagine that..bring back the DP.

Edgar Blount
Only 25 years? What is a life worth in this country!!

Only 25 years for brutally murdering umntana bantu, sies SA.

Simthandile Matiwane
Only 25 that’s a joke after that brutality he made.

Im confused here!!!!??? Why didn’t she say life imprisonment because i think there’s a difference between life and 25 years Thinking face can i be corrected.

Motlhanka Wilfred Kabelo
He got away with murder. Twenty five years is nothing, extremely lenient. Should be getting upwards of fifty years – with no possibility of parole. Or death sentence.

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